Don’t take white taxis in the Philippines

Filipino local bandits #license plate number AAM8084
A friend goes home by car. Suddenly he asked for 5000p. Usually it only costs 200/300 to take a taxi back. They asked for 5,000 and locked the car door. I took my friends to the slums. . . Be careful. This driver is kidnapping Chinese people

Recently, in the Manila-Guangzhou testing group, a compatriot sent a message asking for help: Which brother or sister has extra pesos? All the remaining pesos on the black bus on Grace were robbed. It costs 3,000-5,000 pesos, and the airport departure tax costs 2,000 pesos. Thanks, you can use WeChat or Alipay to transfer RMB to exchange.

What’s dramatic is that as soon as this compatriot finished speaking, another compatriot also sent a WeChat message saying not to take taxis at the entrance of the hospital. He had just finished the test and took a taxi when he came out and was robbed. The former compatriot immediately said: I just finished what I said before. The two looked at each other speechless.

A compatriot in the discussion group for returning home also said that he was robbed of 35,000 pesos. He also revealed that a brother went to get tested for Grace. When he went out to take a taxi, he was held up with a knife and robbed of 50,000 pesos.

PS: No matter how urgent you are, don’t take a white taxi

PS: The accent sounds like my brother from Henan. The other guy is an old man. Just fuck him and it’s over. It’ll be too late when you get to the slums. They all have accomplices. I’ll give them to you then.

PS: I dare to take the notorious white taxi, I can only say that I deserve it.

PS: It is not safe to grab now and they still sell it as a white car.

PS: If you dare to take a white taxi, you might as well find our travel agency.

PS: It’s not safe to walk either

PS: There is never absolute security

PS: Why is grab unsafe? The APP does not have a one-click alarm, it is also a real-name system.

PS: Grab is relatively safe and has a much higher safety factor than a white car.

PS: In the Philippines, very few people take taxis on Ctrip. If you do this, you will starve to death.

PS: You can eat apples when you are hungry, but apples are not the only thing you can eat! I just show that we are a Ctrip certified merchant! It is also a 9d bmh certified merchant

PS: You can take Ctrip when traveling. Generally, grab is used here.

PS: Yes, I usually recommend taking a grab, but the guy in the article actually took a white taxi! Also, taxis at Manila Airport are relatively safe! Having lived in Manila for ten years, I recommend not taking a white taxi! Many brands are fake.

PS: Ten years ago, we didn’t grab a white taxi, so we had to pay tuition fees.

PS: You should also pay attention to safety on motorcycles. I went back the day before yesterday and the rider canceled the order halfway through. I looked at the license plate and it was written on it by myself. It was also different from the license plate on the software. I walked on the main road, the road of New Ssangyong.

PS: You may not lose in 1v1

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