Myanmar KK Park, the terminal station of Southeast Asia’s electronic fraud crime chain

In Karen State in eastern Myanmar, there is a place called “Myawaddy”. It is only separated from Thailand’s Mae Sot County by the Moei River, which is tens of meters wide. Everyone is familiar with Myanmar’s “KK”. “KK Park” is right here. It is the most terrifying place among the many electronic fraud bases in Myawaddy.

Jeremy Douglas, regional representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Bangkok, said of it, The other side of the Moi River could be on another planet, and this situation is a governance nightmare – it has Out of control.

The Southeast Asian media thinks this way: This is the end point of the criminal chain of fraud, resale and human trafficking in Southeast Asia!

It is said to be the terminal station because if victims of fraud, resale and human trafficking crimes fail to defraud or pay ransom as required by the criminal gang, they will continue to be resold and eventually end up in the “KK Park”. If they cannot be “resold” here, “Salvation”, what awaits them is the realization of certain parts of the body.

Why has the “KK Zone” become what UN officials call a governance nightmare? This is caused by the complex management and interest entanglements in the Myawaddy area, and it is even worse in the “KK Park”.

The Myawaddy area is generally controlled by the Karen National Buddhist Army, a local armed organization that split from the Karen National Union and has about 6,000 people. After defecting to the Myanmar Army, it was adapted into Karen Border Guard Force (BGF).

In 2017, the Karen Border Guard and the internationally renowned criminal She Lunkai (also known as She Zhijiang) built the so-called Yatai New City (Shwe Kokko) in the Shuigou Valley of Myawaddy. In fact, they built a casino, an electronic fraud base, etc.

However, the Karen Border Guard Force does not have full control. It also has the Myanmar Army’s old rival, the Karen National Union. Among them, the area of ​​KK Park is controlled by the Karen National Union’s Sixth Brigade.

After the military coup in Myanmar in February 2021, armed organizations such as the People’s Protection Forces (PDF) and the Federal Democratic Forces (FFD) controlled by the Myanmar Democratic League government emerged in this area, plus the Myanmar National Defense Forces (Tatmadaw), Moi River Various forces in the region, such as Thai stakeholders on the other side, are intertwined, fighting with each other and compromising and cooperating with each other.

Before the coup in Myanmar in February 2021, at the request of the Myanmar Government of National Unity, Thailand on the other side of the Moi River shut down the power supply and Internet services in Shuigou Valley. Electricity fraud in this area came to a standstill, but just two weeks after the coup, the electricity supply Supply and internet services were restored, and the fraudsters returned.

But they are not concentrated in Shuigou Valley, but are building new electronic fraud parks along the Moi River.

Between February 2021 and March 2022, as the epidemic raged in the area, at least 15 criminal enclaves were built along the 40-kilometer-long bank of the Moi River. The KK Park was built at this time, and on the other side of the river It’s a military base in Thailand.

According to Myanmar Frontier Magazine (Frontier), although the KK Park is in an area controlled by the Karen National Union, the main investors are the Karen Border Guard and She Lunkai’s Yatai Group. Senior officials of the Karen National Union also seem to be involved in the investment.

According to surveys and statistics by relevant international authoritative organizations at the end of 2022, more than 10,000 people are detained here.

In response to organized crime in the region represented by the KK Park, United Nations officials called on relevant countries to strengthen coordination and cooperation to eradicate this cancer that threatens international security.

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